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Soulja Boy’s Artist Lil’ B Gets Knocked Out


The audio is a little off and its hard to hear, but one thing is not hard to see and that’s Lil’ B getting snuffed by a mystery perpetrator in a pink sweater and white polo hat. Its hard to be sure what the snuffers name is but it sounds like he says its “Hardknocks” at the beginning of the clip and he doesn’t like something Lil’ B had to say about Berkeley.

Overall Lil’ B is having a hard week, first he got put on blast by Kat Stacks when she launched her most recent attack on the industry, and now this.

30 Responses to “Soulja Boy’s Artist Lil’ B Gets Knocked Out”

  1. Smoove Says:

    lol well damn wonder why he did that, all that mumbling i dont know what was bein said

  2. G Money Says:

    that s**t is fucked up

  3. Anonymous Says:

    i hate haters that want to sneak people let him stand up and then swing dont try hit him when he aint ready and then run lol fags

  4. Anonymous Says:

    that s**t was fake as s**t i can care less about these niggas but how u going to sneak a n***a then run u should of stomped him down and finish da sneak then.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    He got Punch a lot!!!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    somebody please kill dat fukn hata. sneakn ah n***a

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Who does that? Really I’m not even lying this is why Wayne is in jail. If a n***a trys to touch him he has that gun on point. But really I hope that fake a*s sneaky n***a gets that hammy soon.

  8. iTO Says:


  9. Anonymous Says:

    B was all dressed nice and swagged up. Then this ugly a*s dude hit him. With his fake a*s polo shirt. SOD on that a*s now, Berkley on that a*s now. You banggn with thugs on pink boy.

  10. G money Says:

    that n***a got fucked up! soujia man im in a daze!!!

  11. josh Says:

    so wat he sneaked him it happens could happen 2 anybody he look like a punk tho i jus hope he dont rap dat gangsta s**t

  12. PLAYBOYD Says:

    ya that s**t aint even right he’ll get his took him 7 punches to sneak and knick lil b out he still got more cake than u bra broke a*s wanna be famous ugly a*s n***a

  13. Anonymous Says:

    b***h move n***a in red no points for that…

  14. Anonymous Says:

    that cat n the pink is a b***h,,,thats why cats play wit guns now…no body takes head up fades…thats that b***h s**t right there!

  15. black rasta Says:

    how da f**k u let a fruitcake in pink snuff u even solo i was gonna f**k them up these lil niggaz

  16. gmoney Says:

    Young bass God Got snuff for sayin hes a princess…lmao

  17. captain Says:

    yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! I support this s**t…he needed this hahahahahaha!!!!

  18. captain Says:

    just played it again funnier than the first time hahaha… what ever he was tryin’ to do in the industry it’s a wrap…he will be forever known a*s lil b***h that was knocked out!!!! protect your face n***a…u stood str8 up like he gonna stop…hahahahahaha violate that b***h hahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha lil b aka lil b***h!!!! and f**k all y’all that feel sorry for this dude(oh yea! a fucking palm treo niggas had those in 06′ thats why he probably clocked ur a*s ) hahahahahahaha rewind…

  19. Anonymous Says:

    no cool points for sneakn a n***a!!

  20. m.i.c Says:

    Tiger Woods went in on fam

  21. Says:

    thats why rappers need security some of them cuz when u call urself been real and being at places alone s**t like that happens lil b thats not keeping it real hire some help ur not a street dude , its only a few rappers that can go places alone and ur not one be real 2 ur self if ur music iz gd the fans will still ride with u even with ur hired help

  22. Anonymous Says:

    i dont even kno dis kid lil b… but dat fake a*s thug in pink a b***h….my n***a dat was sum jelous a*s s**t ….lil b aint even caked up so we kno whats in pockets…what is it did he fuk ur b***h?was she goosin at him?did he make her moist n***a? aint no reason to dap a n***a then sneak em….oh yeah jelousy will make u do anything

  23. Anonymous Says:

    wow….gotta to be careful of dem haterz, they dont care how dey look…they just care about hatin…plus he hits (and looks) like a lil girl.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    he musta had something on that phone ol boy didnt like. who knows, maybe he deserved it..ol boy still went out like a punk by walkin away tho…like how dey got white boy rollin the blunt in the!!

  25. Sauce Says:

    Looks like that n***a said peep my dude as if to tell him to look at his ring.

  26. yo Says:

    dude asked him if he wana see a berkely n***a get on and said call soulja boi right now tell him about berkely..den dude said he already kno then sum1 in background says he’s fake and u see him look behind dude say to him he(souja boi) already kno..then dude was like you aint gone call him bru and he say something den dude goes ham..

  27. Anonymous Says:

    n***a in red sweater is b***h for this ! niggas like that get blasted !

  28. lopez909 Says:

    dude in the red sweater is a b***h for sucker punching lil B,
    and lil B shouldve rushed his a*s right when he got up..

  29. sinic Says:

    i like the two lil white mfer’s rollin that blunt, they lookin at hommie like, dude, you totally knocked over the stash!!

  30. Kierra Da baddest Says:

    the hatas dont make no type of since to me Lil B doing they lil a*s a favor and sum punk n***a snuff him in da face! What type of Thank You is that? smh. dumb lil niggas.

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