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Army’s New Green Warning Lazer & More Military Weapons

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The army has deployed new Hummers and in the place of a turret is a green warning lazer that temporarily blinds insurgents or Iraqi citizens, rather than physically harming and possibly killing them.

3 Responses to “Army’s New Green Warning Lazer & More Military Weapons”

  1. Matty Says:

    hmmm lets see,you wouldnt have to worry about killing people IF WE WERNT SOME WHERE WE’R NOT SUPPOSE TO BE IN N THE FIRST PLACE YOU FUKING HICK!

  2. mike Says:

    If aint supposed to be thier, then why aint Obama pullin them out, and is actually sending more troops?

  3. jersey Says:

    WTF you mean we not suppose be there…we are at war you dumb f**k read a newspaper or watch the news. Give respect to the men and women that serve to protect this country from enemies foreign and domestic.

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