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Diddy vs. Aziz Ansari: Who is the Smoothest?

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Diddy has won the smooth award for 8 years in a row, but now there is a new competitor in the field who goes by the name Aziz Ansari.

Watch and decide, who is the smoothest.

Oh yeah, I think this also might be a commercial for something…sunglasses, yeah sunglasses.

3 Responses to “Diddy vs. Aziz Ansari: Who is the Smoothest?”

  1. d. Says:

    lol- loud!!

  2. jBoogz Says:

    Lmao, FUNNY!! Aziz and Diddy should come out with a movie next. I saw Get Him To The Greek and it was hilarious. Diddy should do more comedies.

  3. Chillax Says:

    Yea, Get Him to the Greek was freakin awesome!!!! What if Diddy came out with his own movie out of this? Like Russell Brand did from Forgetting Sarah Marshall….that would be crazy!

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