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Gary Coleman’s Wife on Pulling The Plug: Insults Muhammad Ali


Gary Coleman’s wife took some time out to talk to TMZ about her decision to not proceed with surgery and pull the plug on Coleman, ending the time that he spent in a coma and ultimately his life. Her reasoning behind the decision “he would be basically like Muhammad Ali.”

She seems rather detached and distant during the interview, and when talking about what Coleman did for her she mentions “he bought me a car.”

Not really sure if this interview did anything for her public image like she had probably been hoping.

5 Responses to “Gary Coleman’s Wife on Pulling The Plug: Insults Muhammad Ali”

  1. boom Says:

    f**k, this b***h is a doctor now! ! her body language is that of a guilty, moneygrabbin, b***h!

  2. Top Dog Says:

    Are you serious? No one was in the house but you two. You could’ve pushed him and then went upstairs. Why did you pull the plug so soon? Too keep him from talking I bet!

  3. CrapolaInYourPoPo la Says:

    He got you a car? um did anyone ask you? sound like a Guilty Goldiggin B***h.

  4. AJ Says:

    i thought they were divorced. She sayin that her husband thats some bullshit

  5. Doowop Says:

    You know she ain’t nothing but a skeeza! I bet she pushed him and he fell then she went upstairs and started huffin’ some crazy glue. Don’t ever let a woman like this have your life in her hands.

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