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White Kid Gets his A*s Kicked in Like 10 Seconds


30 Responses to “White Kid Gets his A*s Kicked in Like 10 Seconds”

  1. Jay87322 Says:

    everbody know black people can fight better than white people lts just white people tawk s**t all tha time and we get mad and bust they s**t open.

  2. Moses Says:

    Damn.. Dude was out of his weight class and still put the beats down on the white boy.. That speed was crazy!! lol

  3. SuPaThIcKmAmI Says:

    Lls thats funny….That what he get for talking shyt

  4. Shady Says:

    All White people can do is talk s**t, they act like they are better than us but they can never back up anything, lol. Fucking weak a*s pussies….

  5. ABE LINCOLN Says:

    I should have kept you worthless no good n i g g e r s in chains!! I was drunk when I freed you monkeys and should have just boxed yall up and sent you back where you came from. You n i g g e r s are so ungratefull for the many hundreds of thousands of good WHITE people who fought and died to free your pathetic race. This will forever be known as the biggest mistake in American history. You people have destroyed a once powerful nation and reduced it to a nation of vine swinging apes selling dope to children and running around like savages.


  6. Anonymous Says:

    Abe Lincoln you can eat a d**k.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    he put that 10 speed on hem

  8. mike Says:

    Racists fucks can all eat a d**k…a beat down is a beat down, accept it and go home…I’m just glad they aint shootin each other, like alot of these cowards, whether black or white who cant fight…Give props to homie for beatin his a*s, and give props to cracker for tryin to put up a fight, and not tryin to stab or shoot anyone…them the real cowards, da one’s who be shootin and who be afraid of gettin a asswhippin in front of everyone…

  9. Anonymous Says:

    white boy got trashed

  10. Anonymous Says:

    if im right i think the bol landed 8 hit combo to his face dam son

  11. Anonymous Says:

    that fat cracker got rock!

  12. alex Says:

    as a white person….why cant we just all agree that he got is a*s beat and leave it at that?

  13. Laz Says:

    yeah white boy s**t got bad

  14. j. Says:

    Just cause white dude got A S S whooped don’t mean N I G G E R S can fight better.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    go look at all the highlights of white dudes beating down black guys in mma.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    im white and id whip that white boys a*s in 5 seconds

  17. Anonymous Says:

    real white boys beat up whiggers like him anyway.

  18. Joe Says:

    real white boys beat up whiggers like him anyway.

  19. f**k abe lincolns mum Says:

    U Wudnt b sayin dat 2 a black persons face

    am not even black
    am asian but still real talk

    u wud get FUCKED UP!!

  20. f**k abe lincolns mum Says:

    Fuckin Hell

    0:07-U can Hear Explosions from dem punches LMAO

  21. Joe Jones Says:

    F**k That Man If That Was ME Against That Black Kidd I Would Of Knocked A n***A Out You Know The White PPl In SouthSide Jamica Queens Dont Play That P***y S**t We Fight Till SomeOnes Bleeding Or Shots Are Fired

  22. joel Says:

    thats how we r….black power…proud am black..!

  23. adam west:) Says:

    only gays call or text
    come get some niggaas

  24. joel Says:

    adam meeeen,,,if u black aiit i will respect u coz wherever u r u a brother 2 me,,but if u white i will make it simple,,,u r lucky i cant get ma hands on u boy.i wld beat tha hell outa u,,then tie u on a chair just right outside ur home and make u watch me pay a visit to ur home……! if u mean what i think by ur words on this wall then gues u dont value tha life of ur people..!

  25. O.G. Zee Says:

    man in the USA black peopel kick white peopele’s asses in
    Germany and Austria turkish peopel kick german and austrian people’s asses
    everytime are minority the kingz of the streetz and the strongest

  26. Latinos! Says:

    LOL “Naw don’t run n***a!” and he’s white!! lol

  27. Anonymous Says:

    im white and i will beat that white n***a but damn the other n***a wi his speed will know any out

  28. Real Says:

    Too many racist people living today, they hide under rocks and s**t, Minorities will take over this fuckin nation, its coming b***h

  29. LSP Boy Says:

    these folks still on this recent shiii….damn….just look at the PRESIDENT OF B***H!!! we used want this s**t forever…yyall can have it back…bitches lol

  30. anon Says:

    damn ive bin cagefightin for two years and prob would have to choke that lil dude out to put him away his hands were crazy. i wouldn’t be suprised if hes took boxin classes. and that fatass tryin to choke him was funny. worst guillutine ever my lil sister would slipout of that

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