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M. Reck Checks Jay Electronica at His Crib

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Description: M.Reck Of Muzic Goes To Jay Electronica’s Crib In Brooklyn And Ring His Bell, After He Heard Jay Electronica On Shade 45 Giving address away Like Nobody was Gonna come Check Him From Brooklyn. @mreckgm

6 Responses to “M. Reck Checks Jay Electronica at His Crib”

  1. Smoove Says:

    he aint checked him

  2. dese nutts Says:

    yo this iz what jay gonna get real ny niggaz comin to ya hood just to say howdy whats poppin but we hood niggaz no what it really iz yo big up to m.reck u a real n***a fa going to a b***h n***a cridaps!!!!!!!!!!!!!only b***h noggaz would be blind to tha facts!!!!!!!!!!

  3. dese nutts Says:

    telldese rap noggaz stop sending subliminal shots at ny we will eat ya food out a towners its just like if we come to ure hood u would do da same but we aint gonna let u eat we comin to eat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thats really da only reason we would come to a slow a*s neighborhood!!!!!!!!!!

  4. whatdadadeng Says:

    what it do big up to dese nutts !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. whatdadadeng Says:

    u real bout that my g

  6. forreal Says:

    word dese nutts in dem bitches moths

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