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Russ – The Game

September 20, 2017


Blac Youngsta – Left

September 20, 2017


Kid Ink – Bad Lil Vibe

September 20, 2017


Jessie J – Think About That

September 16, 2017

50 Cent At The ‘Caught in The Crossfire’ Movie Premieres in Grand Rapids

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6 Responses to “50 Cent At The ‘Caught in The Crossfire’ Movie Premieres in Grand Rapids”

  1. Dede bpt,ct Says:

    ima definatly watch it fif my dude man ayo fif im stil waiting on pt 2 of before i self destruct the movie shory foul for dat s**t but man movie was sick ,that track my man was plyin in the cab was fire

  2. jonathan de toulouse Says:

    la date de sortie de se film en france c’est pour quand ???? il doit etre terrible

  3. jay Says:

    50 deserves it great rapper great actor looking forward to these projects

  4. lewiston 41 Says:

    Who cares about 25 cents, i don’t buy this s**t they called music, and wont step foot in the ghettos. 25 cent tell this thugs to pull up their pants and stop killing each other. also save their 7.25 they make an hour and don’t but 200.00 jeans, sneakers, and play stations and living in the projects, eating steak and lobster with my tax money. 25 cent tell these dummies to go to trade school, and 25 cents please tell them to turn off MTV cribs, i know you’ll don’t live in those houses. You would be a fool to tell little boo, and peanut where u stay !! Hey this is my security system, just dummmmm.

  5. ? Says:

    lewiston u will never get your point across with hate!mind your may need help from sum 1 who makes 7.25 an hour.hell the way you talk you will need help soon..

  6. Ace Says:

    I anit mad at u fif keep making every penny these whitties got when u successful crabs will always try to pull u back crabs need to pull themselves out of buckets then they will realise its not tight at the top more room to move and I moves well if ur wondering

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