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Thief Caught In Hospital and Beaten


7 Responses to “Thief Caught In Hospital and Beaten”

  1. Marcus Says:

    I kind of like the “eye for an eye” message, but this went beyond that….. i like this method a lot more!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    That what you get when you’re caught robbing or stealing from the poor!!!
    Again, a young wanna-be with a gun going up against the defenceless.
    Lucky!!! that they did’nt hurt u serious from what I saw…You Deserve More.

  3. Mister Tails Says:

    I mad agree w/ the second comment. This guy is a clown w/ a gun robbin’ the wrong set of people. I would say his a*s beating is justified.

  4. erk Says:

    how yall kno cuzz had da burner it could of been a break or sum

  5. Detroit DAVE Says:

    That was utterly insane, i partied like a mad man in a lot of third world countries just like this one and although I’m not a thief what if you or i became ill or had gotten hurt parasailing or some s**t and had to go to a hospital like that one? We probably wouldn’t make it, makes you appreciate living in America huh?! And those of you not in America aren’t you glad you’re not there? LMMFAO

  6. lewisron41 Says:

    see what other countries do, Jamaica will cut a finger off. What we do? Cable, 3 meals, no rent, electricity, ac, heat, games .and all the s*x and drugs you want … ha!ha! dum a*s americans

  7. Reality Says:

    thats why eye for an eye doesn’t work… people will over-extend it..

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