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Maliah Michael Drake’s New Girl Booty Shakin


7 Responses to “Maliah Michael Drake’s New Girl Booty Shakin”

  1. Smoove Says:

    she bad but she look like hoe to housewife type of chick u dont wife them up, u end up gettin kat stacked or somethin

  2. Boomsha Says:

    she ah’ight I’d smash,but she aint the perfect package she aint got no tittys Drake down grading,I seen better hoes in my projects real talk!!!Forrest Southbronx and Bk even crazier!!!C”MON SON!

  3. GP Says:

    Fluck ya’ll I’m smashing the cooooo out her couchie…that’s a bad b***h

  4. Ninja Money Says:

    She coo but Cubana Lust kills her lil titty a*s!!!!

  5. wezzie jr Says:

    im fucking pinky so what up

  6. Sambo Says:

    So that’s who So Far Gone was about….

  7. kid mixx Says:

    i really doubt that drake has so many girls like dhat

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