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Boyfriend Pops Girlfriend For Text Message


17 Responses to “Boyfriend Pops Girlfriend For Text Message”

  1. twon Says:

    yo n***a’s is b***h now in days hitin on females hit a n***a, n***a

  2. tbilla Says:

    shut yo captain save a hoe a*s up n***a b***h get out of line she need some discipline

  3. Anonymous Says:

    If anyone’s a b***h it’s YOU tilla! How you gonna approve some s**t like that? Don’t be a coward a*s n***a!

  4. tiger supporter Says:

    LMAO at this video. Yea i agree with u *tbilla* that chicks need to be disciplined when they get out of line, but pls remember that as a guy u have significantly more strength and influence than the average gurl, so pls maintain an “open hand policy” with most women. That means only slapping not punching or kicking, and that should be done only if the gurl hits u first (slapping). so pls remember OPEN HAND POLICY!!!

  5. Cold Mu phuka Says:


  6. janay Says:

    man is crazy for hit a girl lik dat need be in jail one n***a get his a*s in jail make him out a b***h

  7. Co-Dean Tha Thrilla Says:

    Yall some soft a*s niggas that obviously never been in a real relationship with a disrespectful b***h that be askin for some s**t like that. These niggas hoes. lol. He aint do that much to that b***h s**t she kept playin games and that what real niggas do f**k that hoe. I hope that text was worth it lmao…

  8. Says:

    nah yo they were on some type of island or sum s**t it looks like he was tryna set her up to kill her, took her out had hes boys video him hurting her, maby ven kill her

  9. YUNNY Says:

    WOW, what a punk a*s.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    wow, must of hurt his feelings, what a b***h of a n***a he was!!!

  11. aellison187 Says:

    yea cuz was bout to get in dat a*s where is the rest of the video…..damn

  12. shakenbake Says:

    home boy a dummy he should have just fucked her best friend or sis afta dat goin to jail for a smut aint worth it fellas theres allways more ladies out there

  13. Anonymous Says:

    she stupid for being wit his a*s… i feel no sympathy

  14. ? Says:

    she should of had her heat 4 his b***h a*s!

  15. !!!! Says:

    u shud get ur a## beat b####

  16. Nish Says:

    That B***h A*s N***a Need His A*s Whopped! He Must Not Be Doin Something Right…Nutass N***a Hittin A Female…SMH
    I Would Like 2 See That B***h A*s N***a Hit The N***a She Textin Like That

  17. jt baby Says:

    Wat the F**k Wat kind of hoe a*s b***h a*s n***a Hits females like that and who was recording the s**t I would have set flame to his face for doin some hoe a*s s**t like that
    P***y A*s Niggas

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