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Evelyn Lozada Naked Pix Leaked! Shaq’s Chica….


14 Responses to “Evelyn Lozada Naked Pix Leaked! Shaq’s Chica….”

  1. blaq Says:

    damn shaq…good looking playboy,,,that b***h bad

  2. papa Says:


  3. ryan Says:

    Thats antoine walker’s ex fiance, not shaqs b***h…s**t antoine walker is broke as f**k and u know he is bitter and leaked those pics himself!

  4. Smoove Says:

    s**t I’d hit her to, if thats homegirl from the show i’ma be watching it more often now lol

  5. mel Says:

    o wow thats messed up….yup walker did that I bet..

  6. South01 Says:

    Whoever leaked these did her a favour

  7. Tony Says:

    That motherf@cker fine as hell!!!!

  8. jBrizzle Says:

    actually Shaq is tappin dat a*s son!

  9. Eric From Cleveland Says:

    yeah she bad a*s hell walker prolly hitn somethn better then that though. there’s always something better out there.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    dats fucked up she be talkin all dat s**t about royce and look at her gettin it in

  11. Co-Kain Says:

    Damm i’d hit

  12. Anonymous Says:


  13. nikki Says:

    she is fine i would F**K her

  14. shawn hooks Says:

    fat biiitch lose about 40 pounds…….then i might hit……aiight

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