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Tory Lanez – Shooters (Audio)

September 22, 2017


Tyga @Tyga – My Way

September 21, 2017


Fergie – Like It Ain’t Nuttin’

September 21, 2017

Ray J and Mz Berry a Hoax?

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6 Responses to “Ray J and Mz Berry a Hoax?”

  1. sheika drayton Says:

    mz berry is a great girl why dont u want to be with her? she look hurt what u told her i think u should be with her shes not a ugly girl all the other girls aaaa idk what to say about them i think u need to stop doing what u doing trying to get in girls pants and u need to get it together i think u need a womanto get u right and stop playing around.ray im just turning 15 today and i know what mens and little boys want so just do whats right and i love ur show of u and brandy will i hope u read this and get it throw ur head

  2. Grind Denim Says:

    Man that b***h Ms. berry is full of s**t nd I can see straight thru her! Ray J…dog dont let these females fool you with that sad story s**t.You know you’re a player so keep on playin(wear a condom)and have a good time bro! When it’s time to settle down you will know but for ow keep doing your thing pimp!

  3. Grind Denim Says:

    Scratch that….This n***a straight playin games with these broads,cocktail cliam she still in love but she lickin other ho’s p***y too???All these niggas crazy as f**k.Oh well,birds of a feather flock together!

  4. Mureithi Says:

    Theythat N***a. period.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    see flava flav aitn have to worry bout this typa ish he came in with 13 grankids already

  6. caramel Says:

    What a d**k! Notice how that nerdy little b***h voice comes out when he aint around the woman? Fake a*s n***a!

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