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Middle School Girl Jumped On Bus


22 Responses to “Middle School Girl Jumped On Bus”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    if the situation was reversed on this video it would be called ” Black girl jumped by Racist white girls”

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Mannn thats black people for you

  3. wow Says:

    That girl held her own! 5 on 1 and she gets up with out a scratch! See people this is where racism starts. This is how people grow up with a chip on their shoulder. Think she’s going to like black people when she becomes an adult? we should hope see chalks this up to being the Minority. The same thing happens in all white schools, for the minority. Sad human beings are animals.

  4. A black man Says:

    Yeah this was f@cked up. That they would pick a fight just because she is white. As Shane says all black people are not like this and thats not black people for you. All the kids that had a hand in it should be held accountable. But there is a difference between black people and n$@@ers even though we are the same color as there is between white people and h@n#y$ and red n#cks.

  5. B.Santy Says:

    let me say it againnn…BLACK AMRICAN PEOPLE are stupids and ignorants…and don’t take me rong…cuz am BLACK but its just that im not american…im better than that…

  6. lopez420 Says:

    yeah i really do hate these type of dirty rotten n.i.g.gers….

  7. mackwan Says:

    Ignorant ppl cum in all colors!!! & these commnts sho jus dat wake up ppl dnt add fuel 2 da fire!!! try 2 put da fire OUT!!!

  8. huh Says:

    @Cold Mu phuka

    so cause you cant get a loan or the judge gives you more time then someone else you blame ever white person. Its not my fault u got bad credit dumb a*s…and maybe you shouldnt of commited that crime and you wouldnt get any time at fight racism with racism then complain about racism..dumbass..

  9. huh Says:

    tell me whats racist!!

    what if we had WHITE ENTERTAINMENT?would you scream racism

    i bet white spring break would be called racist.

    do we celebrate white history month? no thats racist

    and you say white people are racist..LOOK IN THE MIRROR.

  10. kierstin Says:

    NOT MY WORDS BUT I FEEL THE SAME===Cold Mu phuka Says.she got her a** whooped so what…the only thing i can imagine getting that kinda response is her saying “n*****” she probaly got what she deserved..fact is no white man in the history of america has been put to death for the murder of a black EVER and we all know your history..white boys get freed everyday for the same crime we get stuck for ..FACT..alot of whites secrectly hate us and have the power to do something and do so everyday..judges,supervisors,cops,politicians,teachers,store clerks,doctors,loan officers…so you crackers can shut the f*** up and kill yourself which you so good at doin cause yall dont know half the adversity we go thru everyday which would make even the kids a time bomb ready to stomp a mud hole in a pale face…consider it the hate that hate made..huh, go kill ya self!!! on the real kill ya self we dont like you ok…

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Man thats fucked up a dude and 2 girls thats why they dont wanna respect blacks

  12. dmike Says:

    im sorry but i aint cryin racism im cryin pay back. as many blacks get beat by cops and s**t oh now a white girl gets jumped oh god call the marines man nothin against the girl cause i dont know her but first of all she did swing first second, like the cops seem to think, S**T HAPPENS. ya can call me a n***a or any other names ya want but hey thats my opinion, its honestly just a matter of me being happy it aint a black person gettin jumped by black people cause thats whats really sad.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    no we got play for 400 years now because obama is in now everything black people do is wrong but we are the only races that didnt and alway will not get our respect white people gave everything to other races and now the white girl who said the n word gets her a*s kick and thats not justice f all of yall go live your already giving to great life but if u come to my area i will f yall up and be happy about it remember that

  14. Anonymous Says:

    white people are the most bullshit race and cant do s**t for there self they need to steal and what that white girl got is all the 4 father should of got . we will rise and that a*s whooping is the start no more will white get away with there white power now its black power so f yall bitches

  15. huh Says:

    chris rock says it best..

  16. Cold Mu phuka Says:

    hey “huh…tell your mom to keep my Black C**k out her mouth..then maybe i could respect what you say

  17. janay Says:

    lol……. f**k white people all suck di*k white girl got a*s whoop next time teach bitc*h how to fight lol…

  18. janay Says:

    damn got her a*s whoop white girl try her best lol…………….. tell her next time don say it she wont get a*s whoop like dat b***h f**k all white people got s**t to say bout it jus kids stupid lol…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  19. Lea Says:

    Girls need to stay out of boy fights and Boys need to stay out of girl fights. PERIOD! The two black girls should have stayed out of the fight to begin with.

    If you feel you must jump in then at least make it a fair fight. Just for the record that white girl was EASILY holding her own against BOTH black girls, so only GOD knows what the out come would have been if she would have fought either of those girls 1 on 1.

    I’m so sick and tired of black girls taking these white girls for granted when it comes to their ability to fight. Every time I surf the internet another video pops up of a white girl kicking some black girls a*s. Not only is it dissapointing, but based on what I’ve seen in many cases its actually causing more white girls to become aggresive toward black girls, and a lot more interested in throwing fists. At some point we have all got to take a deep breath, relax, and stop all the fighting. These white girls are just too much. They are becoming a handfull.

  20. MizOSoCute Says:

    OMG that was so wrong for what they did to that girl. SMH

  21. TiannaMarie Says:

    yall bitches on here is stupid jus becuz a white grl get jumped it dont mean nun…f**k her jus like white people fucked us for OVER 300 YEARS you illiterate assholes….all yall can go to hell cuz all white people are devils and will be burned in fire one day….leave all the stupis comments you want but in the end blacks get the last laugh

  22. realist Says:

    come on r u people blind the blonde was getting touch by the boy behide her and if i was her i would of smack him too. the other girls shouldnt have gotten in it and the guy should put his hands on her and wen she was getting gang up which is not cool she still got up and held her own. if they cant fight one on one than they shold fight at all. plus it had nuthing to do with being white or black so people should stop this crap.

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