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September 16, 2017


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September 16, 2017


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September 15, 2017


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September 14, 2017


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September 14, 2017

Trenton, NJ Gangland S*x Money Murder Part 1 of 2


15 Responses to “Trenton, NJ Gangland S*x Money Murder Part 1 of 2”

  1. Tyrone Says:

    To: Gangland Producers

    From: A Life’s Long Trenton Resident

    To think Gangland producers and Trenton law enforcement could be so stupid to promote and glorify gangs and the lowest form of stupid people! White law enforcement that know the same or worst is going on in their neighborhoods! SAY NOTHING! But shine a light in black community! Community with the highest unemployment last hire first fire discrimination and racism a way of life! Where white drug dealers are able to sale consume and profit without fear of being arrested! The black people showcase on Gangland are too stupid and will try to out do the nexts Gangland in order to get on TV. Any idiot should have known that! This is not East LA. this is Trenton NJ but because of Trenton Police department and Gangland stupid promotion of the lowest form of stupid people WE ALL WILL SUFFER! These so-call men don’t take care of their communities nor their many babies nor their moms. So why would anyone with two working brain cells feature these idiot on anyones TV program!

  2. Tyrone Says:

    As a former correction officer I worked closely with street cops many are former correction officers! One of the things I notice is the most aggressive and abusive cops are white cops that have family members that are cops! The reason is that they must try to out do each others “war story”! When they get together as a family! Each may tell how they capture shot or beat and arrested the scumbag! In many law enforcement training Academy cops and correction officer refer to American citizen as scumbag of perk! When I hear that a white cops father grandfather where or are cops. I know there will be a high account of police brutality! The same is for women that are police officers they must prove themselves so what would be a simple arrest turn into police brutality or murder! You are more like to be taser and or shot by female cops!Although slavery was illegal for a long time, it was common in the 1940’s and 1950’s, especially in the southern states, to have Blacks-only and Whites-only restaurants, restrooms, drinking fountains, and seats on buses. These evil racist un-American and uncontitutional laws! Where enforcement with white police brutalty and pure hatred of equality for blacks! In 1946, the Supreme Court ruled that making Blacks sit in the backs of buses traveling from state to state, while white passengers sat in the front, was unconstitutional. Whenever I hear that “races relation are better for blacks TODAY! I often asked HOW SO? FEATURE THAT!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    trenton soft as s**t

  4. dbaby da loc from DELAMO Says:

    im from ECBCG east coast crip los angelas we get it craaccin over here in the city so watch out for the shells when ya visit hope ya make it home safe all these millinium bangers boy im 27 and got 15 years under my belt im a b*****d crip till i die 1st to 190th worlds largest gang

  5. cazy money Says:

    loc until tha day i die c’s up b down. watz crackin cuz

  6. Anonymous Says:

    niggas wont go to trenton talkin the s**t n***a we bosses we get bread 609 stand up f**k the rest

  7. AJ Murda Says:

    2-5-2 S*x Money Murda west trenton stand up 5 poppin 6 droppin

  8. deathtrip Says:

    south trenton tuffs..what!?

  9. Hope for every city Says:

    Why cant you see the Government is letting you kill your selves. At the End of the Day Money is just paper and the world keeps moving with out you. kkk Wants Black men to kill each other. This was not what our beautiful Black Ancestors wanted for us.

  10. Bilal Siddiq Says:

    America thinks Muslims are the terrorist! These are the biggest terrorist in America! Islam is the answer! Real Talk!!!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    east trenton n***a!

  12. B.B.A Says:

    Moreless u wont bum da trenton tlkin dat tlk we makin major,gettin money n we stay on da map full force. front line to 801
    wt up

  13. wright wit it Says:

    Im not in a gang or related in anyway. I live in a community by the name of Sunberry in Pemberton and there are a lot of generic mafuckas out here going by s*x money murda. They got the game fucked up…

  14. wright wit it Says:

    In this community here they take from and fight innocent ppl but a mafucka from the outside come in territory they like feild mice. I dont knock any1 fancy but these dumb asses get pilled out n get retarded. I dont think none of them was sworn in or initiated I think they just wana be something n I think theyre lames.

  15. murdah b***h Says:

    f**k yall

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