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German Police Shakedown Method Man and Crew In Germany

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8 Responses to “German Police Shakedown Method Man and Crew In Germany”

  1. Mureithi Says:

    Tell them Method.
    Bloody Racist cowards.

  2. German Says:

    Hahaha, Munic is the wrong place to get caught with weed.
    Go to Hamburg or Berlin or whererever you want, you wont have any probs….. 😉

  3. German Guest Says:

    What you talking about racist cowards..Boah sometimes I think its black people that are racists..
    They (cops) did their job. What would you think if you were in that position. And by the way german police is way better than american. We dont have this brutality what you have ;).
    The only thing I see in the video is an angry camera man that hates white men.

    “Gestapo”?? Whos the fucking racist man?

    So peace from a german WHITE guy..

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Obviously u never dealt with the german police…MOST of them are racist to the T…and that’s a god damn shame! I don’t even wanna call them in an emergency and I am a white woman…

  5. Simone Skinner Says:

    I feel sooo ashamed about our police – they acted real stupid,OMG but i still hope they come back again,cause i missed the concert ;o((

  6. Benza Indipendenza Says:


  7. Anonymous Says:

    Thats a very smart answer benza indipendenza ^^

  8. Your typical German Says:

    F**k all this s**t! Lets get somethin straight: I HATE cops! But cops in Germany are some of the most decent in the world! Of course I got harassed and locked up by German cops in my lifetime, but they are very kind and formal about it.
    Imagine what US cops would have done in the same situation! German cops don’t threaten you for no reason, I hate what they do, but they’re competent compared to US or Australian police, for example, who beat me up and laughed while cuffing me.
    How dare anyone call Germans racist 70 years after that Nazi s**t?! Get a life!

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