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6 Responses to “Drake-Over”

  1. deshan Says:

    video could of been better. but song is hot

  2. SoFarGone Says:

    Song is still MURDER! but the video disappointed

  3. dese nutts Says:

    s**t iz pop muzic fuk dat dis nicca iz wak like hiz label who dis nicca tryin to be jay or kanye no my bad wayne !!!!!!!!!!!!make ure fukkin mind up flake!!!!!!!!

  4. dese nutts Says:

    da song and da lyrics dnt match niether does da video suk balls flake u faker dan where u from toronto dem niccaz dnt even no where dey from

  5. aylo Says:

    this video sucks they bugin his videos are fu#%in wack..were are thepeople at that he dont kno im done with this n***a i was a fan…

  6. Catherine Says:

    A minute saved is a minute eadrne, and this saved hours!

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