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Cam’Ron – “Ric Flair” Ft Vado


5 Responses to “Cam’Ron – “Ric Flair” Ft Vado”

  1. PudgeBeats Says:

    That s**t sound hard man.

  2. slim shady of d12 Says:

    camron fucking you

  3. slim shady of d12 Says:

    eminem is the best forever evry body sucks you camron

  4. waynediggity Says:

    “put you right next to mike jackson” hahaha Cam’ron is a great NY rapper. Dipset should respect this dude for bringing them all up. I liked when Cam’ron went at Jay-Z and he had that dude JJ from good times on there at the waffle house sideways crroked hat hahaha. I wonder if Cam will get big enuf for 50 to get at him again and try to ccrush him like Ja.

  5. shaheed haynes @ Says:

    killa get em boy!

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