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Rita Ora – Anywhere

October 20, 2017


Belly – Man Listen

October 19, 2017


Gucci Mane – Back On

October 19, 2017

Plies Speaks About Running From 40 Glocc at a Video Shoot


11 Responses to “Plies Speaks About Running From 40 Glocc at a Video Shoot”

  1. Jamie Fox Says:

    Jamie Fox dont need to lie plies tell the truth bro UN REAL

  2. Dede bpt,ct Says:

    n***a u ran like a b***h ,fake a*s n***a screamin u a goon u softer than baby s**t

  3. Dede bpt,ct Says:

    plies next song -feet dont fail me now uuckin sucka

  4. NINJA MONEY!!! Says:

    N***a, jamie know you a b***h cuz he a scary n***a himself and he knows first hand about fear and intimidation, has more money then your tryin to get and is an expert on gettin punched So why in the hell would he lie on you!!! You a Cran-A*s dude Lil Homie.

  5. cass lingo Says:


  6. shaheed haynes @ Says:


  7. keke f baby Says:

    yall Ugly Bitches would RUN 2 if some man was Trying to COME after yo DUMB a*s!!! f**k all ya`ll Piles more of a MAN/BOSS N***A THEN YA`LL WILL EVER B…..f**k on HOE`S. ikr and plies came in the game with money so fuk all them hoe asz industries niggasz who fukn they way in the industry cuz he got hisz

  8. freak em jeez Says:

    plies u a hoe a** n***a

  9. dese nutts Says:

    dis n***a a punanni frontin aint no excuse fa a n***a rocking gonnie googoo chains and running like a byatch when real goonz around stop da frontin plies or just simpily stop rocking da goonz outfit its like a costume fa u but in da hood hommies take dat s**t real disrespectful my gee dudes out here iz dying to get out da hood and get away from having to goonify fake a*s niggaz like u lets be real niggaz can talk all da gangsta s**t in there raps but when it come to da streets u betta be on a rooftop rappin fa ya people like 50 did last summer in 40 projects in southside queens all u b***h a*s niggaz always talking dat gonnie goo goo rap but dnt got da heart to do it in da hood death to yall fake a*s rappers wanna be pop stars !!!!!!!!!!

  10. dese nutts Says:

    dis nicca a byatch simple as dat dis nicca still rappin???????????

  11. Loco Says:

    u niggas tawkin like if i wont come see u i bet yo bytch a*s would run to so don’t hate on plies bytch a*s niggas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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