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Big Boi – Get Wit It ft. Snoop Dogg

July 18, 2017


Danny Brown – Lost

July 18, 2017

Gang Members Wild Out In Times Square On Easter

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(4 People Shot)

3 Responses to “Gang Members Wild Out In Times Square On Easter”

  1. KILLA~2G1 Says:

    F**k Tha Police,,yall Aint Above Me Cuz Yall Wear A Uniform And Can Walk Around Wit A Gun Anywur,,,,,,,I Can Do Dat 2 If I Wanted 2,,,,88% Of Tha People I Fuk Wit Hate Yall Bytch As 2,,,,And It Should B A People Aginst Tha Pigs Day 4 Tha People Dat Want Dat,,,I Wont B There But Will Watch,,,Giv Tha Pigs Wuteva Thay Hit Tha Streets Wit And Let The People Use What Thay Got I Bet Tha Cops Drop

  2. lol Says:

    yeah go ahead and get shot right through ya skull. so cops supposed to just let kats do what they do in the streets. u need police d**k believe it or not. u cant handle nothing just cause u got illegal guns f*g u need more than that on the streetz so keep talking s**t i bet u if it was ya moms or someone u love in the middle of all that and you couldnt get to them in time i bet you would want cops to make sure they will be alright f*g! b***h a*s niggas always wanna play tough guy!

  3. woooow Says:

    Killa….. go kill ya self. Make the world a better place please.

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