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15+ Gay Dudes & Girls In An All Out Brawl At A College In Douglas, Georgia!


(One Of The Gay Guys Knees A Female In The Grill & More Get Rocced)[Raw Footage]

11 Responses to “15+ Gay Dudes & Girls In An All Out Brawl At A College In Douglas, Georgia!”

  1. d16 Says:


  2. Jerz Says:

    I would have knocked that f*g n***a out for doing that chick like that…i dont give a f**k if you gay u still a n***a…and them b***h a*s niggas just let him do that s**t dont matter if the girl from the other side

  3. cashay Says:

    dem niggas dat video dis is mo dum to not hit dat f*g a*s n***a all dem niggas around dum to watch a f*g hit a girl

  4. poko13 Says:

    fuk dat i wouldve knokd dat faggot out hitn dat female like dat fuk them fake a*s niggas jus standing ther doing nothin BIG SUR 13

  5. KILLA~2G1 Says:

    Aint Dat Tha Dude From Tha Aid Office Fight

  6. Santiago Says:

    i got a question for all american black people,,.why u dum a*s motherfuckers r so fuckin stupids??? all the fights videos that i’ve been seen on this site r aboute black people…muthers on mothers son’s on mothers…man beatin wemans….what tha real is rong with u people???? all of u wanna be rich as hell and more money u got more u want…that why u’r always fuckin other countrys with ur soldiers…. let me tell u something if u want a good live full of successe FIGTH for it go to fuckin school and learn how to become ritch…and this isn’t about race or color…even knoing that u black american are one of the biggest racist people in this world…forgive my writing…and just to let u know im black…African snd dont think that im from a poor country like u alwais do…u all think tha Africa is a poor continent but we’r not…we richer than u we just have fucked up presidents…peace to yall…

  7. Steve Says:

    Couldn’t tell who was dudes and who wasn’t LMAO!

  8. sheika drayton Says:

    crazy jump people i dont do that i dont need NO help one on one and u see that hit a girl hit me like that i will knock ur a** out

  9. marc fola Says:

    That is the n***a from the aid office fight on63 street in chicago…………..lolo Killa ward

  10. lewisron41 Says:

    College !! these animals need to be put in a cage, i wouldn’t hire nobody in this video, trashy girls that act like and dress like men. What ever happen to femininity. Hinesville, GA. wtf.

  11. mazipolat Says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god

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