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Notorious Big “Famous Crimes”


(Reenactment Of The Biggie Shooting & Police Department Withholding Information) [18 Min]

2 Responses to “Notorious Big “Famous Crimes””

  1. Ninja Money Says:

    if the government persues this case they will find out that the lapd is too corrupt for comfort and if you thought the watts riots were somethin this would be armageddon and the community would lose trust in its police force. police officers will start gettin murdered. there homes will be raided and there kids will get kidnapped from school. they wont persue this case because they are protecting police offeicers across the nation. we have to let this go because too many law inforcement officials will pay with there lives by communities across the nation, possibly even the world.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    man that n***a should have stayed his a*s in New York tryin to be gangsta, and knowing he wasnt!!!!!

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