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50 Cent Throws Male Groupie Off The Stage!


8 Responses to “50 Cent Throws Male Groupie Off The Stage!”

  1. booboo Says:

    thats old!

  2. tj Says:

    LOL, why did he lose his balance in slow motion? Funny!

  3. mrconnection Says:

    word da guy losing his balance was madd funny..that was a random moment hahah

  4. booboo Says:

    thats old

  5. Anonymous Says:

    who cares

  6. Anonymous Says:

    bang! bang!

  7. eminem % Cilie Says:

    hey my name is cilie and i love ggggg-unit and eminem ( lloyd banks you are so sexy

  8. bigclos Says:

    WEAK PUSH!!!!

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