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Turk @HotBoyTurk32 – Blood

May 25, 2017


Cassius – Million Dollar Walk

May 25, 2017

Dude Gets His A*s Whipped For Demanding More Drinks At A Bar


7 Responses to “Dude Gets His A*s Whipped For Demanding More Drinks At A Bar”

  1. bez Says:

    thatz wut i do to

  2. AC Says:

    naaaa dog, i mean it was brutal in all and funny as s**t. but that was fucked up, buddy totally fucking blind sided him, and then they boot him on the face on the way down?
    that shows fuckin dumb, that was straight up assault, and the guys making it seem like its the dudes fault

  3. People make me sick Says:

    This is not funny, the guy stomped on his throat, if that guy would have died then they would all be going to prison getting a*s raped which would be funny, such a stupid and reckless decision. Things can go wrong easy, these guys obviously have no thought process what so ever.

  4. sick makes me people Says:


  5. ambieloves Says:

    LoL @ NO you dont F***ing die here

  6. qxcharlem Says:

    don’t p**s Asians off they always hold they s**t down

  7. Cold Mu phuka Says:

    ..thats what the f**k you spoiled a*s crackers get..thinking yall privileged and s**t…that superiority s**t dont fly no mo..just yo head mu phuka!!!

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