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Big Boi – Get Wit It ft. Snoop Dogg

July 18, 2017


Danny Brown – Lost

July 18, 2017

Arab (SODMG) – You Think You Hot

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5 Responses to “Arab (SODMG) – You Think You Hot”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    were does soldjer boy such wack a*s warapper a*s himself

  2. Anonymous Says:

    were does soulja boy find such wack a*s rapper as himself sodmg sucks balls
    /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\
    this guy wow kill him b4 he kill me wit his wack music

  3. Anonymous Says:

    hes too stupid to figure out wat to say next so he takes some long a*s pauses to find some lame a*s rymes

  4. E- Money Says:

    DAMN he tryn to hard, soulja just let that guy keep doing feat in your videos, and carrying your bags or something cause thiis guy sucks. I know you want to help out your friends and everything but WOWWW

  5. Em Dee Says:

    Dam this foo is wack as hell.I can rap better off the top of my head than this fool He raps about hes too hot then says something not even related to being hot.I would be like you think you hot?? Lets check out your drop..your label didnt want you thats im sittin on top higher than my condo new york city sky skyskraper…look forward to death cuz im grime reaper..i know you effin stalk me thats why your the creeper..

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