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Lil Wayne in Protective Custody

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Rap royalty Lil Wayne was given a superstar’s sendoff to jail this afternoon — mobbed by hundreds of reporters and cell-phone-waving fans, and serenaded by shouts of “Weezy! We love you!”

“Yo, keep your head up, Weezy!” one fan shouted from a back row in a Manhattan courtroom as the cuffs went on.

With good behavior, the rapper will spend eight months in protective custody on Rikers Island for the .40-caliber Springfield Armory semi-automatic cops took from his pot-smoke-infused tour bus after a concert two years ago at the Beacon Theater.

The Grammy-winning performer — nicknamed “Weezy” — has made upward of $50 million a tour, will continue making music in jail, said his lawyer, Stacey Richman.

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  1. stupidswagg Says:


  2. Anonymous Says:

    pay someone to carry your gun you idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ramiro Vasquez Says:

    weezy keep ya head up fam!!! and “anonymous” ur the fuckin idiot they found it in the bus and since itz his bus itz his gun get facts str8 ii8

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