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Lil Wayne (Feat. Garage Band) – Twap Freestyle Live In His Mansion!


9 Responses to “Lil Wayne (Feat. Garage Band) – Twap Freestyle Live In His Mansion!”

  1. killaswadgoon Says:

    L!L BL00D W!LDN 0UT…….

  2. Smoove Says:

    thats comforting to know he can’t freestyle too good cuz I write all my s**t I rather not freestyle either but I do it good enough not to be wack I can get down a bit

  3. Mr. Relly Rell Says:

    Concert March 30 2010 Chicago Represent!!!!!!!!! best used with Mozilla internet explorer….Respresenting Midwest, much respect….dirtysouth….Post on our site….We selling hip hop not Units!!!! Mr. Relly Rell Churchhh!!!!!!!

  4. issuelister Says:

    he doesnt write or freestyle, he simply records as he goes, he thinks of a hot bar and lays it down on the track thats why each punchline is hot because it is thought out very well

  5. WOW Says:


  6. BILL Says:


  7. JMONEY Says:

    Player Supreme Is The Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. nyc718 Says:

    i respect lil wayne but a real mc can freestyle at any given time so all you fake a*s rappers out there who wanna know how to be an mc go on you tube and do your research peaceee

  9. Dedric Says:

    Naw wayne was in da game way b4 drake. . .So how u think that???

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