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Guy Goes To The Hood To Catch A Bike Thief & Prove A Point!


13 Responses to “Guy Goes To The Hood To Catch A Bike Thief & Prove A Point!”

  1. Sunny Da Mayor Says:

    Fuking Cracker!!!!!!!!

  2. ano Says:

    why does it have to be a n***a this bullshit!

  3. sickman22 Says:

    Don;t blame whitty for making us look bad, he didn’t force them to take the bike.

  4. sickman22 Says:

    I meant whitey, damn typos

  5. Jerry !I Says:

    Yeah black people steal bikes. White peoples steal countries.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    You see it sickman… people need to stop blaming their problems on others MAN UP!!!!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    OH Yeah… white people steal bikes too!!!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    White people steal bikes too… I would know i bought my last bike from a white guy!!!!!!!

  9. big cuz Says:

    that what we do take s**t

  10. yyy Says:

    if you leave a bike unattended with no lock, people will probably think it is abandoned…noone would leave a bike like that next to a cornerstore for all that time….in any neighborhood…its not like leaving it at a beach!!

  11. abc Says:

    he did that cuz he’s black.

  12. blackwater Says:

    I hate a stealing a*s b***h no matter what color they are.

  13. cck0001 Says:

    f**k white people

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