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Female Built Like A Linebacker Comes Out Side With Soggy Socks!


(Dancing To Robin Thicke’s “S*x Therapy” Right In Front Of Church. Jelly Belly All Exposed)

7 Responses to “Female Built Like A Linebacker Comes Out Side With Soggy Socks!”

  1. nikkijuice Says:

    wowowowowo lmao

  2. c kemp Says:

    o my god i hate to tell people that they shouldnt do sht but you know that you shouldnt be doin that sht now im stuck with that image now thanks to u now i gotta go take a bath i feel dirty.

  3. Moses Says:

    Yo did anyone notice 98% of the vehicles that passed were trucks!! Guess most of the bitches down there is built like that so only a truck can handle that nasty B!

  4. mato Says:

    i know that girl ,thats fat joe girlfriend

  5. el-j jackson Says:

    damnn trop sexy la meuf

  6. TriggaDick Says:

    DAT WAS A GIRL???…lol….I thought dat was a fuckin n***a playing around…lol

  7. Anonymous Says:

    this is real fucked up but she was gettin it once you get pass the looks she can dance

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