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Cam’Ron – Dinner Time (Ma$e Diss) (Audio)

November 25, 2017


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November 25, 2017


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November 24, 2017


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November 24, 2017


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November 23, 2017


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November 23, 2017


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November 22, 2017


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November 21, 2017

Waka Flocka Flame Responds To Method Man


35 Responses to “Waka Flocka Flame Responds To Method Man”

  1. RealTalk Says:

    Meth disrespected his own kind? N***a shut up… Hip Hop has different angles, but “retarded” is not one of them. “ooh ledooooo et”? Music is creativity, and that if that s**t took you longer than 5 minutes to create, you’re retarded. Old school Hip Hop was party WITH content, lyrical ability, and style. There’s nothing Wocka does that’s even remotely similar to that.

  2. Dave Says:

    Yup. Im wit meth. waka waka waka is some dumb a*s s**t. Wu-tang Forever

  3. Anonymous Says:


    wacka flocka and gucci mane are retarded…

  5. yunny Says:

    Eat a dicc wack flock of sheet. you untalented b***h.

  6. 2DamTrill Says:

    Yall niggas need to stop, it’s all hip hop… just from diff places… These dummies posting comments here prolly bumpin Oh lets do it right now…

  7. iTO Says:

    i agree with waka flocka ” dont down whats poppin now just adat to it and let the new school make they print in the industry

  8. jahseeree Says:

    F**k all this ABC 123 rap s**t

  9. king Says:

    all yall niggas just haters zone 6 all day tell meth to drop something betta

  10. Anonymous Says:

    i think waka flaka is fly. he catchy and creative…the ultimate goal and vibe of hip-hop.

  11. Wink kok Says:

    I have more respect for wacka flacka now then ever, dude is real. It kinda reminds me when Snoop dissed Soulja boy when he came out now they doin music togather. Togather we stand divided we fall.

  12. A REAL A*S N***A Says:

    man Flocka is a real n***a and fa u h/o/e a/s/s n/i/g/g/a/z to try and down my n***a f/u/c/k yall yall just hatin ckuz u wanna be where he at (broke a*s n/i/g/g/a/z alwayz gotta be da hataz)

  13. rio Says:

    aye i respect waka even more for not replyin he is wuts hot right now method man got a whole different style meth just mad cause he broke now, yeahhhhhhhhh oh lets do it !

  14. lil k Says:

    i got a n***a from my hood that will f**k the wu up rap or guns all of them can rap west side baltimoer bodymore murda land hiphop is hiphop come smack one of us ask the wu do they rember wind they got there a*s kicked 94 95 win they came to baltimoer at a club park hieghts boys f**k them up flocka do your thing hiphop is big now they should be happy talk s**t about some body some body say something about them they want to see them in my hood they wood get killed west baltimoer md

  15. chill Says:

    It’s funny how nobody cared about the south back when it was all NY and West Coast.We South Niggas sat back and waited for our time and now thats’ it here…..we are running with it.Now we’re eating good.Better learn how to adjust, instead of crying about what kind of music is being made.Cause I can point out a bunch of NY and West Coast music that was garbage too.Stop hating and get on this Down South G S**t.

  16. Smacky Ray Says:

    I was born in Boston and lived there until I was 10 and then moved out to South East, GA until 2000. Now I can see both sides of the fence, and honestly I think Flocka is garbage! But that’s not to say when I’m in the club I won’t “bop” to it, cuz it’s club music. Nobody really dances to a Nas or Jay-Z record. Alot of southern music is mainly beats and rhythms, up north is lyrical content, it’s like a balancing act. Oh Lil K, spell/grammer check n***a!

  17. izreel Says:

    git money stop hatin mufuckas y do these up north niggas hate so much cuz da south gettin mo money than dey punk a*s right now y u niggas think pac turned on yall b***h a*s cuz yall fake

  18. Highway Says:

    this s**t aint got nothin to do with money it got to do with wen i hear wack a** fukn waka flaka i think about the ni**az who can really spit and shoulda got that deal speakin of if you oh lets do it is whack have u heard that retarded a*s sausage biscuit s**t with him on it the definition of complete gggggaaarrrbbbaaagggeee somebody give this n***a a hefty!

  19. Highway Says:

    this s*** aint got nothin to do with money it got to do with wen i hear wack a** fukn waka flaka i think about the ni**az who can really spit and shoulda got that deal! speakin of if you think “oh lets do it” is whack have u heard that retarded a** sausage biscuit s*** with him on it???? THE definition of complete gggggaaarrrbbbaaagggeee somebody give this n**** a hefty!

  20. lil bit Says:

    all these ol school artists always got somethin to say about the new breeds. they jus mad cuz 98% of em cain’t get with the new program. DON’T HATE. ASSIMILATE. CREATE…then ELEVATE. I don’t care for all the s**t I hear, but when was a time that I ever did? Evolution is not an illusion.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    waka flocka is b***h

  22. published content Says:

    Yeah i can agree with waka flaka to a certain extent. You would not normally hear a wu tang track being played in the club. Bicthes dont really bounce dat a*s to lyrical or metaphorical tracks. They like that catchy hook and simple flow over a base line in the club. And the club music is what it should be called. Hip Hop is based on having a distinct craft or talent. These new rapper just see how they can get these type of simple and fabricated tracks played in the club and played on the radio. So that how they get all the money. Especially since B.E.T and other television networks are that play urban music dont put on the hard core and rugged emcee like they use to. They look for the younger or more clean cut niggas these days. To have a certain appeal about them. Its all about a look and certain brand. Its not about being lyrical or talented anymore. And thats why Nas dissed hip hop saying that it is dead. The realness is just not there in hip hop anymore.

  23. D-Mack Says:

    Geek, you aint doing, you aint making no money. You can’t rap and you’re just benefiting from the simplicity and lack of creativity that has befallen rap music. I stopped writing because I knew I sucked. I hear this s**t on the radio and I think I should start back because apparently s**t aint all that hard

  24. big cuz Says:

    the south is on top is time 4 the south soooooooo lets do it

  25. Neeve Says:

    This is coming from a female point of view, s**t maybe I am just too hood to not like s**t like WACKA…smh… I mean I read most of your comments and I am from the old school but because I have teenagers in my household that is not all that I listen too(old school) Dont get huffy when I say this but Waka is not lyrically talented. He is not gonna be remembered in 2 years or less. In 2 years most of yall that co-signed his bull is gonna be jumping on the c**k of the next rapper that you feel is “entertaining” Method Man is lyrically talented. You cant even begin to compare the two they both are on two different levels. Meth is basically a vet to the game so he can say yea Waka career is not gonna make it. He is gonna have his little 5 or 10 mins of fame and guess what it’s a WRAP. Dont have nothing to do with where he is from. I love music from the south. There is some real thorough breds in the game coming from the south, Yet I am from NY. Truthfully in all honesty, I am more into the hardcore hiphop. Dont care to much about shaking my azz in the club off some mainstreamed mix.

  26. biglos Says:

    truth b told on the real i think s**t is wack but to each its own.meth is rite homeboy dont have talent!!!!!!!!! everyone is doing the same s**t if they cant rap itsgetting corney. LIKE HE SAID; I FU** MY MONEY UP AND NOW CANT REUP’. now tell me why would a real dopeboy tell poeple that he fu** his remoney up. so is dat wat we call hip hop now, I HOPE NOT.

  27. Datcatq Says:

    Truth be told, I’m a lyrical head all day! The reality is times have changed. I’m a Ct n***a who has lived out here in the south off and on for the last 15 years and you can’t tell a mf that these down south boys ain’t hot. I don’t get down with what they do and I get into heated convo’s wit cats out here about lyrical content vs. an 808 beat with a repetitive loosy hook but they ain’t trying to hear s**t I say.
    I will say I respect the brotha’s response: say what you say I’m a keep doin me! Keep it 100 Waca Flaca Fire or Flame whatever the f*** ur name is!

  28. HHK1 Says:

    he humble…..but if he just read some more books he be aiight.

  29. SnappS Says:

    I dont like Wako, ima fan of lyrics but i got some respect for this man cuz he is saying the truth….its 2010 not 1985 man we got drum machines and the culture has expanded worldwide…its not only NEW york homie rappin so of course ur gona have different types of sounds…. Wako ima take a listen to ur music

  30. big cuz Says:

    we all black so that what wrong with us now if we come as one we cant be stop wake up niggas now im from alabama i like north, south, east,and west music

  31. ThePro Says:

    FYI Wakka Flakka was born in Queens…..Do research before joining an argument

  32. DynamiteMusic Says:

    I dont really feel wakas music but he handled that situation like a real man. I respect him for that

  33. Boomerang Says:

    I think the song is catchy is it the best no and people can find an issue wit anybody she’t but when that dude charllyman on the wendy williams radio said meth was less than a nice m.c meth ran up there to talk some sense into him –
    meth is a hot m.c 1 of my best but he is out of bounds -grown men who don’t like dis type of music -don’t turn on radio-don’t go to strip clubs-don’t listen…

  34. ray Says:

    what up

  35. D.K Says:

    ”Hard in the paint ” get’s heavy rotation in my car..BRICK SQUAD–ATL–BIG UP TO MY BOY G IN THE TRAP!!!!!!!!

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