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Tony Yayo Talks About 50 Cent’s Future In Music


2 Responses to “Tony Yayo Talks About 50 Cent’s Future In Music”

  1. hiphop Says:

    Shout to the Unit.
    One of hottest up an coming dj’s

    New Artist Hit em up!!!

  2. MacKnowMafioso Says:

    did yayo jus muthafuckn say… if 50 stop selln records, 50 would be back on tha block hustln dope like he did befo… c’mon son…. get tha f**k out a here wit that bullshit…. this n***a 50 to gottdamn big to go back on that lil block…. is that why 50 droped yo a*s… brighten up yo vision… tha feds watch an hear what dumb niggas like yayo say…. stupid

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