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Joe Budden Does Impersonation Of Drake + Goes Off On A Caller For Calling Him Joe Bird!


Responds To Tahiry & Her Cheating On Him!”You Waiting A Million Years To Say I Hit You. B***h You Aint Rihanna” + Why He Blasted Somaya Reece “She Deserved It”

7 Responses to “Joe Budden Does Impersonation Of Drake + Goes Off On A Caller For Calling Him Joe Bird!”

  1. Dede bpt,ct Says:

    yeah joey u emotional n***a ya gurl was fuckin wit me u lame a*s n***a dat goes to show how much of a sucka u are u cant even keep wifey on a leash haha she played u she left u get ova it you dumb for blowin wifey up i knew she was playin u u the softest n***a in the game maybe u one up from young burg yeah i had my thumb on ya shorti stop hittin woman and if she drink everyday why u wife her why u try to make the world see u had her when all the while she fuckin around wit dem real n***a us a b***h and somiya reece was bought and paid for 4 u u hoe a*s n***a

  2. Dede bpt,ct Says:

    dis n***a is a defintion of b***h n***a ,and emotional n***a if u was a real boss when u found evidence shorti was cheating u should have thrown her a*s out but no u punk and n***a u try to work it out usa lameeeeee u aint no boss u a sucka for love and u probably ate it out when ya ll made up sucka for love a*s n***a

  3. Anonymous Says:


  4. lil k Says:

    f**k joe budden grown a*s man geting smacked west baltimoe them niggas would get there heads knocked off smacking a n***a in my hood dont play that s**t the wire is not a joke ask methodman

  5. Mr.project Says:

    Man WTF this n***a checkin phones that’s some b***h s**t cuz went there thats gay then a b***h,And u raido thuggin n***a u didn’t get that hard wen you had to face the wu clan n***a fake a*s n***a u an’t had a hit since pump it up u lame a*s n***a Joseph Anthony Budden II man shut yo a*s up…………….CLOWN

  6. word up Says:

    Didn’t he just get punched in the eye? I could’ve swore somebody duffed him in a dressing room and he didn’t defend himself… He mushed his broad, but he let a dude punch him in the eye. I tell u…

  7. Chris Marti Says:

    Joe Budden first of all let everyone know, ” You are not a grown man. ” Understand that man how can you even think about clowing on Drizzy an his boys mayne!! COME TO TEXAS MAYNE!! WE ROLL DEEP AND WILL MURDER YOU AND UR B***H A*S CLOWING A*S VOICE!! HAHAHA 1 STAY TRUE..

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