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Tony Yayo – “Back Against the Wall” Official Music Video [Off GUNPOWDER GURU LP]


“Gun Powder Guru” [Album Prequel] available NOW online:

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6 Responses to “Tony Yayo – “Back Against the Wall” Official Music Video [Off GUNPOWDER GURU LP]”

  1. onpoint247 is the hardest out Says:

    check us out by clicking the link above

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Yayo is killing it lately .. keep it up tony

  3. T Says:

    good s**t! damn rite he been kilin it lately….

  4. ronald aka ron Says:

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  5. Gizzi Says:

    Yayo da boss! Cant wait for some new Yay. Yayo always delivers. GGG UNIT!

  6. Gizzi Says:

    This video is fuckin sick. All of Yayos music videos are dope! Keep em comin Yayo. Cant wait for new album project. Godfather of the ghetto!

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