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Nina Sky – Beautiful People

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4 Responses to “Nina Sky – Beautiful People”

  1. Bigg MJ Says:

    Nobody cares about these two skeezers.

  2. Bam Says:

    I f**k with them, They slept on but wild talented.

  3. d. Says:

    nahhh they r really talented-y all just wants tha b***h swag s**t-so u can look -we want music-so we can ear it-i pressed pause at 33 secondes-and i kno it’s a hit-….u fucktop generation-now i m out-wanna listen to the rest of tha track.-shiiiit-i really did cheked tha video till the end haha

  4. InvenShun Says:

    Why they f**k they cut there hair?

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