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11 Year Old Girl Gives Birth To 27yr Old Man!


7 Responses to “11 Year Old Girl Gives Birth To 27yr Old Man!”

  1. caramel Says:

    That is fucking SICK!!!! I hope they rape that niggaz asshole SO bad he dies from it!!!

  2. M.E. Says:

    I’m at a fuqin loss for wordz!

  3. Georgia Says:

    This is a very sad day that a child is not even safe in her own home. Where was the child’s mother when this was happening to her.

  4. rayomnd hunt Says:

    if i ever see dat n***a on da streets he’s don e

  5. Anonymous Says:


  6. Anonymous Says:

    Are you serious all you can do is pray, it many more young girls that goes through this similar situation because of the lack of attention their parents give, and its not there fault. In these type of case the child become depressed

  7. leftnut Says:

    lol dat s**t happened out here in houston. i gotta turn myself in next week i hope i see him so i can get hiz azz pregnant lmao

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