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Lebron James Dunks On Dwayne Wade!

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(Does The Wave While On The Floor & Fan Throws The Towel At His Face)

4 Responses to “Lebron James Dunks On Dwayne Wade!”

  1. Smoove Says:

    dunk was nice cuz it wa on Wade but the hand gesture once he falls is a lil too much, U GOT THE FOUL no need for the Oscar performance lol

  2. Anonymous Says:

    how did he get dunk on when he was not in font of him

  3. Springa Says:

    when you involved defensively in a dunk in anyway ….you on espn the next day…

  4. Cmon Says:

    D Wade did not get dunked on, but if he was under that rim he was damn sure gonna get it

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