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Son Puts A Choke Hold On His Mother & Throws Her Down On A German TV Show!


(Mother Starts Crying)

12 Responses to “Son Puts A Choke Hold On His Mother & Throws Her Down On A German TV Show!”

  1. ?_? Says:

    WOOOW…. Kids these days.

  2. fsdv Says:

    wow that s**t will never happen in africa, they get their a*s kicked

  3. k122 Says:

    lmao… that n***a crazy… my moms wudnt be havin that lol

  4. shane Says:

    i bet u never see a blk kid slam his momma dat fool would be taking a dirt nap

  5. leftnut Says:

    i hope i see him in 1 day so i can take his manhoood

  6. straightoutofcpt Says:

    that dude will get fucked up by everyone over here if he comes to cali!

  7. brooklyn Says:

    my mother would’ve broke my neck a million times before i got that choke hold on her and they throw the blk people under the bus for whipping thire kids a*s

  8. Pastor Dr Yvonne Price Says:

    I pray one day you will be so highly bless that you can air this footage on national television for all of America to see. I want children to see this and know that this is not right and a crisis Intervention needs to be done for the parents who live that facts of this video every day. 50 do something about it bless man of God. Now As A black Mother In the Name of Jesus there would have been no rod spared there and when he finally felt he was still alive it would have been on the street.

    Pastor Price

  9. boo Says:

    WTF, staged s**t or WTF

    the cameraman does not make a move a continue film the mother on the floor,

  10. Anonymous Says:

    did he say some thing like tiger upper-cut?

  11. omg.... Says:

    I would kick his a*s down, put my arm on his neck make strong on the floor leave him and kick him in the nuts

  12. Aika Says:

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