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West Africa, Liberia May Be The Worst Ghetto Ever!

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3 Responses to “West Africa, Liberia May Be The Worst Ghetto Ever!”

  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. Will Says:

    This s**t is sad

  3. Rob Says:

    man i’m from liberia, born in liberia but raised in milwuakee wisconsin, and my whole family from liberia, so i know the pain and suffering, and the hurt that goes on in my country, and my heart cries for my people, thats why i do what i do in school, so one day i can try to make a difference there one day. i still got family back there man, seein this s**t make a n***a wanna cry for real, cuz we over in iraq for nothing, when we can be helping my brothers and sisters in haiti, and liberia

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