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Midget Super Pops Her Fat Booty – LOL


17 Responses to “Midget Super Pops Her Fat Booty – LOL”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    that lil b***h do got a*s tho wit her nappy a*s head

  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. Anonymous Says:

    ill hit 1st

  4. jay Says:

    THAT s**t IZ FAT

  5. Anonymous Says:

    fck it….id hit it!!

  6. yaeppers Says:


  7. BOO BOo Says:

    No mama you have no talent ! Good luck anywayz ?!?!

  8. M.E. Says:

    Lil people need love to…lol…and she got a*s for dayz son!….lol

  9. LA.LA.LAND Says:

    Is her Left tiddy bigger than her right tiddy? or do she only have one tiddy??? lol

  10. That Bay Area Chick!! Says:

    aye if she were a stripper she be paid…hahahaha!!!

  11. Southernbreed Says:

    I don’t know what to say because, some midgets be looking good and have a phat a*s.
    But, somebody hit it, she got baby toys and a baby swing in the back.
    Some n***a beat it and skeeted in her, look at the midget that was on I Love New York, Midget Mac.
    Dude was getting p***y from normal women and skeeting in them.
    He got 2 daughters, so somebody was letting him f**k.
    I would beat the brakes off of girlie in the video, doggy all day.

  12. budz909 Says:

    thats straight up hilarious..fu cking midget

  13. Swaggarifficbaebee Says:

    lol that aint rite y she ecen do this to herself

  14. jameela aka prettty Says:

    ok well so sad i dnt know wat happpein but u need some help
    no talent bye

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Lol…She Got The FATTY

  16. Check it Says:

    is that a dood

  17. Anonymous Says:

    if she was tall…shed be a headturner….even tho…..u kno wat i mean.

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