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Lil Kids In Peru Grinding While Adults Just Watch & Record The Event!


12 Responses to “Lil Kids In Peru Grinding While Adults Just Watch & Record The Event!”

  1. DDP Says:

    G-Vegas 252

  2. Gbig mack Says:

    It si culture but please keep it clean for the ayouths, we want to see dancing and doing there thing but let keep it` clean for there sake. To all massive bigup

  3. MILKAY Says:

    WE ARE IN YEAR 3000 OR NO?

  4. DeVante Says:

    That is bogish but it also doesn’t surprise me. The age of consent there is like 14.

  5. IJ Says:

    retarded cubans

  6. BOO BOo Says:

    Nasttttttttttttty s**t let kids be kids ! fuckin SAaaaaaaaaaa

  7. Msz.Gorgeous Says:

    & where da hell waz their parentsz wen all olf this waz qoin on??

  8. nikkaQ Says:

    Dat Little Nikka A Pimp!!!

  9. AD Says:

    I’m peruvian and this doesn’t happen everywhere. It is sad to see a great deal of our culture not giving proper values to the kids. There is a great challenge in educating these people since this kind of behavior (not exactly kids dancing but just people not being respectful and teaching kids to respect) has gone on for way too long.

  10. Yaz Says:

    I’m in the 6th grade an people who are lik my age dance lik that an I find it sad I mean people my age will be makin out an wen I mean makin out their be lik tounge twisting an everything it’s crazy

  11. ming Says:

    jejeje!! wow! this is what the youths are doing? how disgraceful of the parents and looks a the lil boy doing a dance that is only done by adults. what a shame form the parents!!!!!!!!

  12. jsjs Says:

    Look at Ij calling them retarded Cubans. When the title clearly states the are Peruvian…. Lmao. That’s a retard to know one eh?

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