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Vic Mensa – Rage

July 17, 2017


Hot Boy Turk -Stayed On The Grind

July 17, 2017


Vain @itsvain – 7th Chamber Freestyle

July 15, 2017

Frankie Speaking On Shawty Redd (Producer Thats Locked Up For Murder Charge) Free Shawty Red.


“He Had No Choice But To Defend Himself. For The Hater That He Took Out”

8 Responses to “Frankie Speaking On Shawty Redd (Producer Thats Locked Up For Murder Charge) Free Shawty Red.”

  1. BOO BOo Says:

    that crack head is crazy holla backkkkkkkkkkk

  2. CHUCO Says:

    Why is this Crackhead B****h even getting face time? What the f**k has this trick done?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    frankie stop smoking crack rehab nasty women just enbrassing

  4. Anonymous Says:

    i know keyisha is looking like this crackhead mother of mine

  5. richnwelathy Says:

    shout out to 2 aww man holla back fucking phene keisha should a out her crackhead azz in rehab i would be a shame to say frankie is my mom

  6. ben Says:

    shout out to t aww man holla back crack is wack frankie get some tissue a hot mess what she is

  7. wooop Billy Bad A55 NTG long island the 9 trey way hater5 get shot Says:

    Frankie you 5o funny a55 a motherfucker you got me n da 5 rollin 50 alway5 got 5ome poppin s**t on

  8. Wooop 9trey Billy Bad A55 get rich gang Says:

    5HE i5 5o 5o fuckkin funny f**k what da hater5 5ay frankie i5 black 4 real and dont give a f**k 5uwooop to frankie lol 5he need to Bee a comedian

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