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Danny Brown – Lost

July 18, 2017


Vic Mensa – Rage

July 17, 2017

Gilbert Arenas Getting At Al Sharpton On Twittter For Not Defending Him!

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(CNN’s Roland Martin Comments On The Story) “Washington Wizards Used To Be Named Washington Bullets”

2 Responses to “Gilbert Arenas Getting At Al Sharpton On Twittter For Not Defending Him!”

  1. me Says:

    all this s**t stupid. white people carry guns to an obama event and they are excercising their rights. A black man brings a gun to work and he’s a bad role model and a menace. are you serious? this s**t is illy. my homeboy Richard Collier for the Jags is in a wheelchair with his leg amputated right now cause he didnt have a pistol and some fuckboy shot him. Real s**t, f**k al sharpton b***h a*s, he only be after fake s**t, he dont reflect or elaborate on none of the real plights of the black man which are at the root of why niggas got to keep guns and sell drugs,and lil kids try to make every famous n***a they role model. they systematiclly bammin all the real successful black folks they can get. see what they did to tiger. he got a billi on they dog a*s from kickin white folks a*s at they own sport, and soon as he get caught fuckin over a white b***h they try to crucify him. like if they had as much money they wouldnt have a jumpoff ducked off somewhere. but david letterman f**k some other b***h and he married that s**t just blow over,and he dont lose a sponser. get the f**k outta here

  2. Fazz Money Says:

    Where does Rev. Al Sharpton preach? lol. F*ck Al Sharpton. What Arenas has done was not smart but Al Sharpton is just another media hog a** fake black leader.

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