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Aubrey Graham Before He Was Drake Pt. 2


(Unscripted Pt. 2 & 3. Including In The Booth Freestyle) [19 Minutes]

4 Responses to “Aubrey Graham Before He Was Drake Pt. 2”

  1. Smoove Says:

    he came a long way, u can’t be mad at him for being on Degrassi take any n***a from the hood and be like u wanna be on TV to act on this show for so and so dollars and they gonna jump on that

  2. Haas Says:

    “Understand nothin was done for me”Drake says-this n***a been in hollywood since he was 10 -now hes a thug-WOW

  3. Rexgdubb Says:

    This n***a is a suburb lame!Just like all u lames out there.Thats the problem wit the game 2 many college highschool students fuckin up the game man!I love a black man wit education but look @ 50 he’s the example of what rap should be not these skinny jean mama boy a*s niggas.F**k plies like niggas who in the game fuckin it up!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    how is he fuckin the game up? he knows how to rap, he’s got more money than u, and could give a f**k that u hatin on his success…it’s niggas like you, rex, that’s what’s wrong with black folk today. Stop being FUCKIN hater, and get on ur own grind, fuckin cry baby b***h!

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