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Big Boi – Get Wit It ft. Snoop Dogg

July 18, 2017


Danny Brown – Lost

July 18, 2017

Teacher In Arkansas Throws A Female Student Down When Trying To Break Up A Fight Between 2 Girls!


(Mother Is Upset The Way He Handled It)

13 Responses to “Teacher In Arkansas Throws A Female Student Down When Trying To Break Up A Fight Between 2 Girls!”

  1. samps Says:

    she’s just mad cuz her daughter got her a*s whipped…

  2. chris k Says:

    i would hav beat dat teacher a*s and dat white b***h a*s

  3. mannivellie Says:

    ohhh! debo………ooooh u got knock the f*** out, i got it on video! lmao

  4. jeff Says:

    if i was the teacher i would body slam both those girls

  5. PhantomTheKing Says:

    … that woman needs to shut up, she wouldent have cared about her daughter whippin the other chicks a*s… that girl didnt get hurt she got hurt worse in that so called fight lol..

  6. Anonymous Says:

    this s**t is wack and if he left her alone and she would have gotten killed then what… how are you going to p***y foot breaking up a fight….. he aint do s**t

  7. hhahahaha Says:

    N***a b***h swung first then got her a*s kicked by the white chick! in yo face n***A B***H!

  8. Yarnisha'Monique Says:

    damn b***h you got yo a*s tagged, thats fucked up how you took a (L)

  9. Pointing fingers. Says:

    Maybe your delinquent daughter shouldn’t have started a fight. He did nothing wrong seeing as it was already broken up and she went back for more. Quit pointing fingers, teach your daughter not to be a piece of s**t hoodlum.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    that teacher was doing his job!
    What was he supposed to do ask the B_tch sto sit down nicely?

  11. sha Says:

    wtf that fat faggit a*s teacher said “n***a sit down” while he was throwin the girl, if he aint say that it would probly be understood but that rascist pice of s**t did it for a reason

  12. what the pluck Says:

    so many racist fucks in this world

  13. what the pluck Says:

    You know whats crazy, the teacher called the girl n***a when he grabbed her. Listen to again.

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