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Jay-Z (Feat. Swizz Beatz) – On To The Next One


5 Responses to “Jay-Z (Feat. Swizz Beatz) – On To The Next One”

  1. fedy Says:

    hot video but jay take shots at artist and think people don’t no say some name’s and stop frontin we all now seigal (beanie) is hunting yo a*s down ha ha hah hahahah h hahah

  2. Anonymous Says:

    f**k all them niggas 50 , sigel and them its all about roc nation cash money and young money

  3. Anonymous Says:

    jay z sold his soul. this video seems demonic.YOU ALWALYS SAY YOUR GOD,BUT REALLY I THINK YOUR THE ANTI- CHRIST. F**K JAY Z

  4. Stopit Says:

    All you f**k niggas clamin yall dis and dat. remember real niggaz dont sell out fo s**t yall mamas aint raise yall on that develish s**t and she didnt rep 666 and you no it. take the d**k out yall a*s you fuckin faggots, yall some pussys who was scared to grind it out. yall niggas who rep that 666 just tellin us yall couldnt make it that way you started. all yall gave up somthin for that stamp Kanye gave up is mama jay gave up somthin and beoncye parents are getting a divorce whats next. and miss video fone the new cupid stop telling niggaz its cool to be gay. keep the gay s**t between u, jay, drake,wayne, and every bodyelse yall orgy wit b***h(u used to b sweet come back to life) niggaz aint supposed to change hoes, hoes supposed to change us by giving us a family.

  5. Stopit Says:


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