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Flavor Flav- I’ll Never Let You Go

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13 Responses to “Flavor Flav- I’ll Never Let You Go”

  1. DJ 7 digitSS Says:

    Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiight Flav………… ya thang

  2. Smoove Says:

    LOL motha fuckin flav, do ya thing my n***a i miss that damn show

  3. ray Says:

    he s on that s**t again

  4. Anonymous Says:

    get outta here with this s**t!!!

  5. Big A Says:

    this n***a smokin again!!! please someone kill that auto tune music

  6. Tammy Tae Says:

    Damn that nicca ugly. LOL. Im sorry I couldnt do it. I couldnt even sleep with him for money. I just couldnt do it. The closest thing to s*x would be me blowing kisses at this nicca. And if I dont get paid for that then oh well…f**k it. LOL

  7. freekyredd Says:

    this n***a high as s**t!!!

  8. Jose Lee Says:

    nah . .nah. .I know this boo boo tv . . but the man singing a hit. Now maybe I wouldn’t have made him the face of this song . .but dude singing a hit. Yal know this isht gon be stuck in yo heads! Haha . .

  9. Gregory Says:

    I’ll never let u go? PLEEZ.. This n***a must be talkin bout all his damn “clocks” dat been on da road wit him since his days wit Public Enemy! he really need ta let dat shyt go!!!!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    ahe when it get 2 3minz 21 sec cuhz dnt he remind u of heman I HAVE THE POWER lmao on da set cuhz

  11. Keith Says:

    lol @ Anonymous.. yeah u right

  12. Zimbaland Says:

    Man do us a flavor and shoot this nicca

  13. kat Says:

    this is tha best s**t i love it ..
    but tht foo show is Ugly Ha Sumone Buy Tht Foo a Mask..

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