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Magician Almost Drowns During His Half-Time Stunt!


5 Responses to “Magician Almost Drowns During His Half-Time Stunt!”

  1. Juiceh Says:

    on some non-racial s**t, you white people are some crazy people, drownin people just for magic..

  2. kev Says:

    this is very old

  3. Capt. Obvious Says:

    So… umm… wat was supposed to be the trick?

  4. Georgia Boy Says:

    I think the dude videotaping the s**t is dumber than the would-be magician. How the f**k do you sit there and continue recording when someone is drowning. Super stupid!

  5. shane Says:

    never in the history of niggadom…….. will u hear or see blk folks doing this kinda s**t

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