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Wild Fight Gets Ugly On A New York Train On Christmas Day!


(Woman Gets Sucker Punched & Dropped)

88 Responses to “Wild Fight Gets Ugly On A New York Train On Christmas Day!”

  1. lockthese clowns up Says:

    all of them should be in jail now fucking idoits

  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. Anonymous Says:

    that a b***h diserve when she do not want to hear his man.

  4. tampa Says:

    i wulda sent those two black bitches back a hundred years and whooped the s**t out em any b***h can get it

  5. Dede bpt Says:

    ayo dats fucked up shortie was tryin to stop the s**t dat n***a a b***h for hittin her but knowing him the dummy got murk 2 days later shits fuckin crazy

  6. Dede bpt Says:

    only in the rotton apple

  7. Dede bpt Says:

    fuckin coward and i wanna slap the s**t outta dat chick 2

  8. Anonymous Says:

    n i g g e r s………. hate em greasy bastards

  9. Daddyfatsax Says:

    sigh….. N I G G E R S LFM scrubs to eat mass amounts of watamelon and grape drank pst……

  10. Anonymous Says:

    i swear i would kill any n***a who touch my girl ever..and if i was there i would have help him whoop youngin a* from DC

  11. xxmakaveilxx Says:

    f**k that stupid ni66a hitting a women id fucking stomp his lame a*s head little fagget aint got no balls and f**k all you other stupid motherfucking saying its ok to hit women get some balls you p***y a*s motherfuckers who the f**k hits a woman and acts hard about it gtfo of here faggets!!!

  12. nuttz Says:

    my man lol

  13. g Says:

    Nah we don’t do s**t like that in cali that fucker is a straight coward he gives black folks a real bad name man.

  14. Will G. Says:

    Cowardly act towards that guy punishing a female, he could knock out the dude so he went on and did that bull s**t, He would last a minute in the ring with me!
    Discusting act of bitchassness

  15. B Says:

    3 things REALLY p**s me off about the vid…

    First: the guy taping it didnt do SHYT when the girl got mopped (or anything before hand and the spanish dude prolly his boy too)
    Second: someone is yellin “yo hold the train up hold the train up” …MF I got shyt to do in the mornings dont be holdin the train for SHYT! especially not no dumbness, you wanna fight fine, OFF the train please!
    and third: THE DUDE HIT THE BRAWD WHO BEEN TRYIN TO STOP THE FIGHT…and he jumped on her crazy before THAT
    plus they was in teh conductor car so the cops shoulda been on the way at the least if not at teh next stop or even THERE who knows how long they been goin at it

  16. vvppgg Says:

    thas fuked man, i wud have got bak out of the train and jumped on that mothafuka, and fukin shoved a pole up his a*s for doing that s**t to a woman, fukin retard

  17. cash Says:

    thats crzy

  18. jaffour Says:

    I know the story. The Black dude Robbed the White(Spanish Dude) He took all his money and the Spanish dude fought Back….. But The Black guy still got the money. Lol thats some THUG s**t.. Black dude took him easy.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    was this cause of racism???

  20. me Says:

    She should have shut her mouth and played the back round…
    and the spanish dude did run at him after he was walkin away..
    but thats sum official ney york shyt..and thats the E train d**kheads
    black power..white ppl smell like wet dog..

  21. Anonymous Says:

    yo that n***a a str8 b***h , you never punch a woman you faggot you were gettign wooped and like a b***h n***a you needed your ugly b***h to help ..none of the niggas helped him cuz his rican or something…you making black people look bad..for real..that niggas going to hell for that i hope he got hit by the fucking train

  22. Anonymous Says:

    where da other b***h come from

  23. hArLeMzOwN rEdBoY Says:

    I dont condone hitting women. AT ALL.. Homie is def a f*g for hitting her, we all know that. But WTF is up with people talking about what they would have done. Yall actually wouldnt have done anything. New Yorkers are numb to violence. I have seen people walk around dead bodies and do nothing. So all this fake gangsta s**t yall talking, kill it. I have seen a 1000 fights on the train and nobody did s**t! And the racist comments, keep that behind your computer screen. Its funny, white people are making all the comments, and my people chose a higher road and wont entertain it… so whos ignorant?

  24. b***h Says:

    hahahhahahahahhaha damnnnnnnnnnnn her shits fucked up

  25. CoolerThanU Says:

    Harlemz own hit the nail on the head. That was dirty. NO excuses. To all those on the racist sh*t actin like there that G’d up and would’a done this or that just fall back cuz u prolly sit wen u pee, the real G’s are in the streets; Not talkin greasy via online posts.

    Ps. To the racists, P***s envy wont get u anywhere…

  26. king du5tie Says:

    black people r p***y !!!! he couldt knock homeboy out so he hit his girl .. black people hit their girls all day thats were they get there practice at !!! if i was there it wouldt started a race war !!!!!!!! fu#king fags !!!

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Please be clear of the closing door!!!! hahahahahah…Best knockout of 09

  28. Sunny Da Mayor Says:

    Fuk all u spanish fucker and u cracker hoes
    From a Trill AZZ N***A Fuk N***a

  29. Anonymous Says:

    Daaamn WTF!!! WOW Man That Had to Be in Da BX

  30. T Says:

    Ladies let your man handle his own business. But I would have to jump back off the train and get it in wit dude.

  31. B-fresh Says:

    wow ol gurl kept getting in the way she wanted to get hit couldnt be me tho she did it to her self bet she kno better next time but be serious she a lil women tryna break up a fight between 2 men how dumb

  32. Anonymous Says:

    who lets there girl get punched and the face and doesnt do s**t, the black guy has to be a total scumbag to hit a girl regardless, push out of the way is alright, the p***y guy shouldnt of been swingin fists in the first place, they should lock the woman beater up

  33. Anonymous Says:

    f**k that dude wit the braids is a b***h. that s**t wouldve never ride like that here in cleveland you b***h a*s n***a. f**k u die slow hoe a*s n***a. yea 216 b***h as n***a

  34. Subway Rider Says:

    It’s typical of ghetto garbage to double team on 1 person when they’re losing.
    It was more of a shrug match and maybe a punch or two.
    The girl notice her man is getting his a*s served and she jumps in to try and defend his honor. HA HA HA HA!!!
    His girl had to jump in to fight his losing a*s.
    They can’t accept a lost so they jump a person to get the so-called upper hand.
    Cowards. Nothing but cowards!!!

  35. datwaslame Says:

    dat s**t was lame that dude couldnt hold himself down so his fat b***h mrs jumps in if i was watchin i woulda king hit both them for pickin on that old couple

  36. albwild Says:

    I would want to drop the sucker a*s that was narrating this sh@$. The knucklehead that kept saying it’s OVER.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    LMAO! the funnest shot is thatyou hear ” Please stand clear of the closing doors please” like nothing ever happened.

  38. ~SkiiLLzZ~ Says:

    man iim nott supriisedd shiit liike datt happen everydayy iin da hood iitz juss no cameraz all da tiime he toldd her to go on da traiin she aiint liisten she gott rockkedd iim sorry buh datz watt she gett da spanish guy shulda fought hiiz heart outt fuckk datt ii wulda knockkedd da blackk biitch outt too aiint no sympathy outt here datz watt ppl dontt kno smh….datz yy my motto iiz

    ii aiintt a follower buh iif my manz hiit a nii6ka ii gotta follow up

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