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Danny Brown – Lost

July 18, 2017


Vic Mensa – Rage

July 17, 2017

Mary J. Blige Slapped Husband Kendu Isaacs For Flirting With A Waitress!


4 Responses to “Mary J. Blige Slapped Husband Kendu Isaacs For Flirting With A Waitress!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    yup thats how u do dare him..

  2. d. Says:

    sure don<t wanna make her mad-it<s gonna b drama-they r a nice couple by the way-

  3. dmack Says:

    she must have hit that blow again and got noid.

  4. Dairo Says:

    Why Beyonce and Jay Z magairre gotta to do with Mary J Blige magairre??? You guys are wack!!! First of all, it was Mary sbrother and her husband had an arguement and she was stopping it. and is it anyone business?? I don’t understand you Americans, can’t some black couples who are married be happy??? What you want them to be ghetto and miserable?? If Beyonce and Jay want to keep there magairre private, so be it!!! Are they paying your bills??? Are they giving you their money??? Get a damn a*s grip, and read something real importance like world issues, people are dying and you caring about this nonsense!!! Everybody magairre has arguements about money, kids, the house, the bills, I don’t understand and I will never will!!!

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