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Candy Shop Bunny – Pinky & The-Body [Tag Team Pornstar Edition]


31 Responses to “Candy Shop Bunny – Pinky & The-Body [Tag Team Pornstar Edition]”

  1. TRU Says:

    All that a*s

  2. R&B Darkman Says:


  3. Anonymous Says:

    that s**t fakeeeeeeeeeee

  4. bigrep Says:

    that’s not bad at all

  5. wow Says:

    thats so nasty

  6. Anonymous Says:

    yea pinky jus got me on hard

  7. CHAOS187 Says:


  8. Cecil Says:

    i bet they sum serious windbreakers.. 1 fart and all y’all n*ggas will be in a deep sleep coma lmfaooooo

  9. oh yeah Says:


  10. Anonymous Says:

    god damn buffy u hurtin me girl

  11. PudgeBeats Says:

    I wonder what videos was “The Body”. that way i go cop some porno.

  12. BIG LINK Says:


  13. Meech Says:

    Man i would f**k da s**t outta of both of them bitches and cash out!!!!!! no hesitation

  14. TSMITH Says:

    thats not buffie the body people, that “the body” from miami

  15. macdaddy18 Says:

    I prefer “The Body”. I kinda like her . I love her tatoos. When I get older, I would take her as my wife.

  16. XmeGaRed126 Says:

    LMAO @ macdaddy18 u finna be fightin hella mofos bro

  17. Uhh Says:

    Both of Dem Got The Cake Id luv to be alone wit them =)

  18. headquarters Says:

    that is not buffy dumb asses

  19. Liffy Says:

    Yo i wud definitely let the body ride my face… i wud suck dat p***y 2 death

  20. MrSax Says:

    I want EVERY video The Body is in…….She is shutting down EVERYBODY!!!

  21. Man-Man Says:

    Both of dem hoes badd…But The Body killin Pinky….Pinky jus been out longer…

  22. Jay Satisfaction Says:

    :{ The body can ride my face, until my girlfriend walk into the room! L.B.V.S.

  23. Tha Big Homie Says:

    damn Pinky has really let herself go….i remember when she use to look like The Body….and uh…that’s the difference between thick & fat. The Body is THIIIIICK! and Pinky’s just fat….

  24. martavous Says:

    u ugly

  25. Pinky and Buffy The Body In Porn Together « yes diamond said it Says:

    […] I Know You Want To See The Video. Click Here. […]

  26. sumanyy Says:

    ohh fuuuuuck that big assss master s**t man

  27. andt Says:

    I wana date the body my kinda woman don’t give a dawn weather she a pornstar or not am from south africa pertoria call me lol 2773007211

  28. Anonymous Says:

    all fakeeeeeeeeee

  29. Anonymous Says:

    yessss es f**k that a*s

  30. Diggy Says:

    This is not Buffy the body…brain teasing…mutha fuc’rs…this a buffy the body wanna b…this just a booty…lol

  31. Frank Evans Says:

    I guess some dudes like chubby chicks, but Pinky is not sexy. She moves well, and has a big a*s but it’s not a nice big a*s and her titties are as average as can be, overall a fat chick trying to be sexy is laziness, just slim up and get in shape, i’m positive Pinky can be sexy ( even with smaller tits ) as any sexy girl. The Body, on the other hand has a insane body and is named rightfully so. Although if she slimmed up just a tad showed some up abs, she would easily be hottest pornstar ever.

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