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Guy Tries To Take On 3 Dudes But Gets Mobbed On In A Mall At San Bruno, California!


(Security Just Watches)

8 Responses to “Guy Tries To Take On 3 Dudes But Gets Mobbed On In A Mall At San Bruno, California!”

  1. Miss_Sassy Says:

    that’s some b***h s**t! F**k i,. He held his own. what else can you do when 3 muthafuckaz are jumping on you?

  2. Gregory Says:

    keep bangin wit em till u cant take no more bcuz the others were cowards scared to go 1on 1

  3. robot! Says:

    if boobootv shows vids like this why cant we say words like s**t f**k asshole motherfucking b***h .. just a thought

  4. NYer Says:

    3 punks against 1 dude real puzzies

  5. Steve Says:

    It looked like the dude pick up something then his dudes jumped in. That’s all can say is at least his dudes held him down.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    at first i was this thats some p***y s**t 3 dudes jumping this guy but the guy picked up a tray or something off the table to hit him with when it was one on one and then he got jumped all bet are off when he pick that s**t up .

  7. Jose Lee Says:

    ha . man. Lil dude was bout it and big dude was scared. His two partners was scared too . but when lil dude exposed dude’s fear they was like, “oh isht, he’s weak too . let’s jump on him. Free for all!!”

  8. Clark Says:

    please, this is the dumbest video I’ve ever seen. Why are they hesitating until they gang up? This is why gangs are for softies.

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